How speed up your UI Tests on iOS

If you are writing UI Tests, you may be losing your patience… Wait for finish of all tests can be hard.

I decrease my UITests time in 35% , follow all steps:

When you run your app, add the argument:

let app = XCUIApplication()

override func setUp() {

    continueAfterFailure = false
    app.launchArguments += ["--Reset"]

Now, in your AppDelegate add:

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {

static var isUITestingEnabled: Bool {
    get {
        return ProcessInfo.processInfo.arguments.contains("--Reset")

private func setStateForUITesting() {
    if AppDelegate.isUITestingEnabled {
        // If you need reset your app to clear state
        UserDefaults.standard.removePersistentDomain(forName: Bundle.main.bundleIdentifier!)

        // To speed up your tests
        UIApplication.shared.keyWindow?.layer.speed = 2

In your code, to verify if is in test mode, you can use:

if AppDelegate.isUITestingEnabled {
    print("Test Mode")

Additionally, to can wait while the element load I created this extension:

import XCTest

extension XCUIElement {
    func tap(wait: Int, test: XCTestCase) {
        if !isHittable {
            test.expectation(for: NSPredicate(format: "hittable == true"), evaluatedWith: self, handler: nil);
            test.waitForExpectations(timeout: TimeInterval(wait), handler: nil)

Use like this:

app.buttons["start"].tap(wait: 20, test: self)

That’s all!

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