Productivity: you need a clipboard history manager!

I can convince you that you need a clipboard history manager, and you’ll love that!

First of all, imagine that you need a link that was shared by someone that you don’t remember who, you’re not certain if it was on iMessage, Whatsapp, or Telegram. You only remember that it was a link titled “Productivity … clipboard …”. How you can find it? If you had a clipboard manager, you would just search for productivity in the history and done!

Keeping a clipboard history helps you to be more productive, whatever you do if you’re a developer, a teacher, or a manager.

If you’re a developer, you use the clipboard all day. Think that you can’t find something that you copied in the last week, like a release note shared by the Product team. You need to release a new Beta version, and need that release note again, rather than go to slack, find the user, search the message, just open your clipboard history and search for a term that you remember.

You can keep your clipboard for 3 months. Imagine having a quarter of a year saved to search.

Personally, I love the Raycast App to manage the clipboard history, but there are a lot of apps that do this. Like Alfred App, Maccy and others. Just search for “clipboard history manager” for your platform.

I hope that you’ll start to use a clipboard manager and be more productive.

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